Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cabin in the Adirondacks

Camp QP at Ragged Lake in the Adirondacks, New York. I love looking at getaway cabins all over the globe and you will too at this site with beautiful big photographs.
I was invited for Thanksgiving leftovers with friends last night and we dined before an open fire and it was delightful and delicious. My friend Stacey made me a turkey pot pie that I'm picking up this afternoon. I am so fortunate to have good friends, aren't I?

Meet Jack,  my new hero (and boyfriend).

I'm going back to look at more cabins now. Have a great weekend and I'll see you later.
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Anonymous said...

Jack is quite a guy.

Nan said...

Thank you for posting this wonderful little film!!! What a man he is. I think there are more people, men and women, like him than we know. The media just doesn't choose to focus on them.

Content in a Cottage said...

Nan...I am a little like Jack myself. Self sufficiency is my finest trait. My mother's nickname from the time she was a young girl was The Pilgrim. Together she and I could move mountains. I am proud to be her daughter with my love of technology thrown in as a bonus. I really wouldn't want to live off the grid with no WiFi. :)
The reason people like Jack aren't featured by the media is because nobody can find them. I'm glad you liked the little film too.

Bonnie Schulte said...

This was such an interesting video of
Jack and seeing his cabin in the woods.
I hope he lives to a very old age, and is able to enjoy his life as long as possible.

MicheleFromBoston said...

This was so touching. Thank you.