Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sleep Like A Bird

Wouldn't it be fun to climb this ladder and spend some time in this amazing nest? I slept like a log last night in my clean bed with ironed sheets and not one, but three, woolen blankets. It was heavenly. It was just in the nick of time because there was frost outside when I woke up this morning. Have a great weekend!
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Mama Pea said...

What a fantastic work of art!

JC said...

Love this house. There's a tree house show that I've seen. The main guy lives in my state. What he creates is amazing and expensive.

racheld said...

Your delicious description of your night's sleep in that delightful bed makes me want to go climb back into mine.

Yes, climb, for I sometimes feel that we ARE sleeping in that lofty nest. We've had a waterbed (succession of several) since the eighties), and my DH just built the most wonderful waist-high frame, scented of cedar and pine, to nestle that big soft mattress into.

We each have a little carpeted step-up on "our" side, and the whole thing is just the most comfortable place in the world.

And blankets, always, instead of duvets.

And I do believe that in that charming tree-nest of yours, there's room inside that downstairs door for a coffeepot and two cups, awaiting morning.

Anonymous said...

This is positively magical.

kathiquilts said...

Just received an email from Acorn TV. They are starting to stream series 6 of Doc Martin ...... Just FYI