Sunday, October 13, 2013

My Outside Water Faucets are Still On

I guess you have to live here to know which spigot to turn on. Mine are a little more straight forward except for the one has both hot and cold water. We are still enjoying wonderful, mild October weather and it's supposed to continue next week. Oh, I hope I can get someone to put a new battery in my riding mower. I think I'll try to do it myself today and get a replacement at Sears. Wish me luck. photo source
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JudyMac said...

I'll bet on the ever-skillful Rosemary being able to handle a battery replacement!

Karen in CT ... now VA said...

... replace the battery? ... WOW, I'm impressed ... you go girl!

Sara Sue said...

Oh to have a hot water spigot outside. That would come in handy so many times.

Anonymous said...

I live not so far from you and we, too, are enjoying this glorious weather. A bit of rain to water the garden and some more warm weather will extend the growing season a bit. Hose still hooked up. Today, I did feel a twinge of regret that the leaves haven't turned their usual lovely fall colors, but the warmth and sunshine helped me get over that in a hurry. A little more time to get the outdoor chores done.
You can google anything these days. I'll bet you can find a bit of guidance somewhere on batteries, and fill in the rest with gumption.