Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lovely Fall Day with Nice Sky at My Cottage

I had such a busy day doing really hard things. Not physically hard, but mentally so. I have the Verizon Triple Play and the battery on my phone box has been dead for almost a year and beeps all the time. It's downstairs so it doesn't bother me. Verizon wanted me to buy a new one myself and put it in. I refused. Today they finally broke down and sent me one and I had to figure out how to put it in. Mission accomplished. Now my phone will work again (for a short time) during a power outage.

The other struggle was in the attic. You know all about my new little window up there which I love so much. I had a storm window inside the room when there was just a louver on the outside peak. My new window is not double glass so I decided to clean and put the inside one back up for the winter to prevent heat loss. I took it outside to hose it down and when I took out the screen the two sliding glass panels came out too. Great for cleaning. Bad for putting back together because I hadn't studied how it worked. After about a zillion combinations, I finally found the right one. I left off the screen so I can reach through and open my outer window when it gets too warm up there. I am so happy I am blessed with patience, a logical mind, and the ability to fix things. My mother and I always repaired everything around the house because my dad was clueless. I don't know how they managed Christmas toys without my help. I couldn't do the mower battery but I did the big phone battery. There are only a few things I've had to walk away from in my lifetime because I couldn't do them. It's very satisfying when you finish a frustrating project, isn't it?
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Karen in CT ... now VA said...

... you are amazing ... congrats

Mama Pea said...

Ha! You are indeed blessed to have the intelligence, patience, and mechanical abilities you do. Not all of us are like that! ;o}

Anonymous said...


But I'm very proud of you!

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel. I'm the fixer, not my husband. It is satisfying to fix things, but not really something I can tell DH excitedly about at dinner. I get a dull stare. So you and I can pat each other on the back. Bravo! (also for holding out against Verizon)