Friday, October 18, 2013

Fabulous Video: Cats Stealing Dog Beds

Cats Stealing Dog Beds

My friend Stacey of Stacey Snacks sent me this video yesterday because she knew I would love it and I did. It made me late for a real estate appointment. I almost slept the clock around I was so tired last night and my brain isn't allowing me to post anything original. Thanks, Stacey. I know our blog readers will enjoy this video of cats stealing dog beds too. Webster lets Tabitha do anything she wants because he is super respectful of her wishes, or terrified of her, I can't decide which. I think it's the latter. He won't even come inside the house if she's in the vestibule unless I stand in front of her so he can pass without having her hiss at him. 

Be sure to click on the link if you can't see the embedded video above. It's adorable. 
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Lauren Scheuer said...

Rosemary, thanks for the smiles!!

Sue said...

Oh, that was wonderful! I loved it-thanks so much for sharing that.

CathyMik said...

That was priceless!
Thanks so much for such a great laugh!
Have a great weekend,

Barbara said...

Best Video Ever!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh hi! Someone sent me this.....and I have sent it around! It is so funny; and so sweet about dogs! It is poignant and funny, and truly touching.

I love and have both cats and dogs......and I love the way they co-exist and love each other!!

SALLY said...

Rosemary, ( love your name--same as my mother's )

The dog and cat video was precious! Gave me a big
smile. Thanks!

SALLY said...

That was a fun video! Made me smile. I love, love your blog. Wish I could live in as beautiful area as you do.

Stacey Snacks said...

we can't stop watching it! It is the sweetest thing ever. xo