Friday, October 4, 2013

Cat Nap

The gutter guy is nice and I let him scratch my head before going inside for a nap on the old rope bed. This construction/painting project is really interfering with my daytime routine. Love, Tabitha
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Nancy said...

Some day I'm having a cat again even if "someone" has to start allergy shots.
Your cottage looks wonderful. Personally I love the shutters. The color is subtle so they add a lot without being "there are shutters on this house!" I'm sure you've told us how old your cottage is but I've forgotten.

CraveCute said...

Aww sweet Tabitha! A house is not a home without a cat!

Catherine said...

Dear Tabitha,

My name is Kilmouski. My mom had the out side of our house done last October and those men made so much noise they ruined my naps too.

It looks like they are almost finish with your house so things should return to normal soon. Mean time enjoy sleeping on that wonderful bed.

Kilmouski =^..^=