Monday, October 28, 2013

Beautiful Fall Weather @ My Cottage

I took this photo yesterday while I was sitting in one of the adirondack chairs in the way back. As you can see we are still having gorgeous weather. Tomorrow is supposed to be the coldest day yet and there might be rain by the end of the week. The decorative duct covers for my air conditioning don't have open/close registers behind them and all of the warm air in the rooms from my fabulous cast iron radiators gets sucked up. When I get my ceilings painted I hope to put them behind the register covers. My ceilings are plaster so it will be a messy job. In the meantime I always put freezer paper over them with double-sided tape, shiny side out. It works like a charm too and there are no more drafts. That was my project for today and it feels cozier already! Today is the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy that did so much damage around here. I don't even like to think about that ordeal. Trees were down everywhere and I had no power for 9 days. The Jersey Shore is still recovering because of water damage which I did not have, thankfully. Let's hope Halloween isn't as freaky as it was last year and the year before that with a snow storm. I want calm this year.
I have finally started watching The Paradise. I watched the 2-hour first episode yesterday and liked it very much. Thank goodness for PBS full episodes online.
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Anonymous said...

I am watching The Paradise too. I thought it was rather odd that they aired that right after they ran Selfridges.

Karen said...

There is very little on PBS or Masterpiece that I don't like but The Paradise didn't strike a chord with me. I'm revisiting season 1 and 2 of Downtown Abby in preparation for January.

Anonymous said...

We are thoroughly enjoying The Paradise. So glad you have started watching it, too.