Thursday, October 31, 2013

Another Black Cat with Marble Eyes

This is the window in my walk-in pantry where I have an old drafting table as a desk. I am having so much fun with the camera on my phone. I just about fell over when the lady at the AT&T store gave me $200 for my old phone so this one ended up being free. Well, not really. It could have been free but I upgraded to the 32GB for more storage for an extra $100. If I had stayed with 16GB like my old 4S, it would have been an even trade. It pays to take care of your devices, doesn't it? 

This vintage full-bodied tin cat is supposed to be a garden ornament to scare away the birds. It has cat's-eye marble eyes. The cat head at my front door has clear marbles for its eyes. I prefer to use both cats inside as a window decorations since I love my birds. Happy Halloween. I hope you get lots of good candy. I'll have to buy my own and I just might do that. My malware warning went away and I'm so happy! both photos are mine, using iPhone 5S
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The Queen Vee said...

I've been trying to catch up with my friends at the cottage, I'm almost there.

Oh, I do love your tin kitties and I love Halloween. Hope my little spiders didn't frighten you, well I hope they did but only a wee bit.

I bought candy for the local spooks, I bought it too early though as I've just about eaten all the Almond Joys. I'd like to think my spooks wouldn't want them.

I need a new phone and plan to get one next week. I know Verizon won't give me the deal that you got from ATT. My button isn't working very well :-( I can't wait to get the new camera. I'll never be as proficient at using it as you and Chris are.

Look for a whole slew of comments from me later tonight after the haunting.

NanaDiana said...

My friend's Mom used to have those cats with the eyes. I think her Dad made them. The first time I saw one it was stuck in her hedge and the eyes glowed-it was late at night-and freaked me out for a minute. lol MUCH cuter inside! xo Diana

Anonymous said...

Where can I buy those cats with the eyes?

I have a witch splayed on the front of my car.....broom and all! Looka like I hir hew!

October is my favorite month.....because she is on there the whole month!

Everyone laughs, waves., gives me thimbles up, and high fives!

Boo hoo.......Maybe two days.....and then off!

Love the cat with the marble eyes.......I would leave that one up all year!!

thank you for this wonderful blog!

It will be 10 million page-views before you know it!

I adore Tabitha and Webster........the darling dog!


Content in a Cottage said...

I picked both of my tin cat cutouts at garage sales. If they are still available, I'm sure one of my wonderful blog readers will respond and tell you where to find them. Your witch sounds wonderful. You should leave it up as long as you can!
xo, Rosemary