Wednesday, September 25, 2013

White Paint on My Cottage Preview

The primer is on the cottage. I am going to love having a white house. I love the way it looks from afar.

Here it is a little closer. The white trim on the barn/garage has been primed too.

Here it is from the driveway side. The garage is on the right. I have the very best painter/carpenters and I am so lucky to have found them. The four of them work so well together and they really know what they are doing. I am so happy -- I just wish I could keep them. Smile. Now I am ready to clean up the kitchen and tuck myself in and watch BROADCHURCH on BBC America. Good night all. Click photos to enlarge.
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Dawna Motz said...

I love your house!! You are always so busy pinning other finds,,,I love yours!! Please show us more!!

Karen in CT said...

... how exciting, it's moving along well ... keep the pics coming, you know we all love to see ... best of luck with the weather gods ...

Karen in CT ... now VA

Anonymous said...

Days like yours can be both invigorating and exhausting. I am so happy that you are pleased with your evolving house color. It does look so very fresh and lovely. Soon you will be able to share with us the splendid result of your diligent research and planning.

Sleep soundly this night


The Queen Vee said...

Thanks for the peek, your Cottage is going to look absolutely wonderful....I can tell.

What amazing workers you have hired, it's great to read that you are pleased with all that they are doing. It certainly looks like they are going the extra mile with the repairs and well thought out painting.

Even though you aren't physically doing all the work yourself, it is still exhausting being the supervisor. Actually, it's probably a wee bit exhausting and a whole lot of exhilaration as you see your research and plans come together.