Saturday, September 28, 2013

View from my New Window

Pile of damaged wood from my cottage on front lawn. This photo was taken from the ground, not from the attic.

View from my new third floor gable window looking straight ahead into the woods. I pumped up the saturation a bit so you could see the fall color. The window trim is not purple (grin).

View of the window from inside the room.

View from the new window looking left towards the road. The new window has opened up a whole new world in the attic.

Webster and I are having contractor withdrawal this morning. He keeps looking out the window waiting for their trucks and he's worried because they are late. He will be so happy on Monday when they return and so will I. Have a great weekend. Sorry for the horrible pics. 
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Merle said...

I love your new window! I am a window gal myself. My daughter will be moving out soon and I am turning her room into a craft room and it has 2 windows! One looks right out onto some trees and my bird feeders, so I am a happy camper.
I just found your blog a short time ago and I love it.

helene said...

Hooray for the new window and the worlds it has opened for the cottage! I love the new pickets, too. I know it's exhausting but just think how cozy it will be to know you've done all those repairs before winter. Plus, it will be so beautiful look at!