Friday, September 20, 2013

The Leaves Are Falling All Around

The autumn leaves are falling
Yellow, Brown and Red
They patter softly like the rain
One landed on my head.
But when the sleep of winter comes
They settle down to rest
And Mother Nature tucks them in
with snow
As she thinks best.

That was the first poem my brother had to memorize in first grade and I helped him learn it. For some reason, I've always remembered it. My mother remembered it too and we would recite it together every fall. image source
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Anonymous said...

Your story warms my heart, Rosemary. How lovely it is to know how you and your mom carried forward this story about your brother, her son, each fall. I shall be thinking of all three of you while on walks for the leaves are beginning to "land on my head."
Thank you for allowing us to also be keepers of this memory.

Karen in CT said...

... sweet

Karen said...

What a wonderful poem. Such a nice memory.