Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Royals Watching the Highland Games in Braemar Scotland

They so enjoy each other's company.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Queen Ellizabeth II and Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay laugh as they watch the sack race during the annual Braemer Highland Games at The Princess Royal and Duke of Fife Memorial Park on September 7, 2013 in Braemar, Scotland. The Braemar Gathering is the most famous of the Highland Games and is known worldwide. Each year thousands of visitors descend on this small Scottish village on the first Saturday in September to watch one of the more colourful Scottish traditions. The Gathering has a long history and in its modern form it stretches back nearly 200 years. See more pictures here.
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LANA said...

I can't believe how much Charles resembles his father!

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed these photographs several times since you posted them and, in each, instance, I instantaneously break out in a big grin. They are good for the soul. It's wonderful to see the Queen so thoroughly and spontaneously enjoying herself.
Cheerio - Linda

Karen said...

I would love to attend those games. We've been to an event that attempts to mimic the highland games at the fair grounds nearby. We had so much fun. I love seeing the Queen having such a good time.

Karen in CT said...

.. thanks for posting ... I'm a big Royal and all things British fan ... so always much appreciate your posts ... cheers

Nan said...

Delightful, delightful! I love these pictures.