Thursday, September 12, 2013

Nicely Appointed Kitchen Shelves

Very nice. Wish I could see the rest. via
Update: More photos of this kitchen from
 A Country Farmhouse
Thanks, everyone!
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Kathy said...

It is a lovely kitchen! To see the entire kitchen

Low Tide High Style said...

You can, it's from the wonderful blog A Country Farmhouse. :)


Sunny said...

This is the kitchen in the former house of blogger "A Country Farmhouse", one of my all-time favorite and lusted-after blog houses. Catherine and Mike recently sold this house and I have been waiting to see where they land next and what wonders they perform on their new house. I also look forward to seeing how the twins have grown!

Anonymous said...

Rosemary...I recognize these kitchen shelves! They belong to Mike and Trina from the blog "A Country Farmhouse". On her sidebar, she has the documented their remodel process of the farmhouse in the Oregon rural area. You should see the view from their side porch. They have recently sold this home and have sadly....but we're all anxious to see what they do with yet another project!

Anonymous said...

I KNOW that kitchen. Oh my gosh, isn't that Mike and Trina Burke's ["A Country Farmhouse" blog, in which they started from scratch on a tumbledown cottage and over several years brought it spectacularly forward] kitchen?

Let me verify this and I'll be right back......ah, yes!

Just lovely people, beautiful restoration, then unexpectedly she became pregnant with boy and girl twins, the cottage was published in Country Living twice, he got a job offer elsewhere, she got a job offer from Country Living, they sold the house, moved, and I see she's striking up the blog again.


Anonymous said...

I had to go to the blog and admire all the rest of the photos. What a stunning house. You can see why she was offered a job with a well-known magazine. Then I read (as others noted) that they moved, after all that work. Looks like a dream home to me. I'd hate to leave. Even the view is striking. Wow. Interesting story.

Karen said...

I'm happy your readers helped you with the link to that amazing house. I have followed Trina for years, I'm eager to see them work their magic on another house. I love that kitchen and she used to change some of the items seasonally. So pretty.

cardinalkay said...

Hubba hubba on those butcher block counters, no?
I've long admired them at IKEA + have noticed that, in the last few years, they've beefed them up, making them more chunky.
Anybody live with wood counters who can give us a review?