Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fall is in The Air

Fall is definitely in the air at my house. I have to give some serious thought to cutting the grass really short so the leaves can blow away in the wind. Maybe I'll do the front today after the heavy morning dew burns off. See you later. image source
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Anonymous said...

Fall is in the air here, too. There is a tree across from our house which always sheds its leaves at this time . . . it's just enough of a hint to the coming season to give me joy while not filling my Bob, who valiantly resolves the leaf situation, with dread. PLUS, the humidity has lifted and I am not a grump anymore.
Enjoy this string of lovely days which are settling upon us, Rosemary.
Thinking of you,

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture. Not fall in the air here. 80s and more 90s coming. Very different for the pacific northwest.


The Queen Vee said...

I love fall, I'm grateful for the cooler weather. I hope it's a long one because I'm sure not ready for winter.

viola said...

I love fall.
E' la mia stagione preferita.
Un abbraccio