Thursday, September 19, 2013


My driveway is full of chestnuts. I've always wondered why they grow in such a dangerous and painfully prickly package. Anytime I see Webster limping this time of year, I know he must have stepped on one. He usually avoids this side of the house entirely until they have all fallen and been raked in a big pile. I've been picking up the loose ones for roasting later. When I have on thick leather gloves, I'll pick up the ones still in the pods. They are very messy trees to have as close to your house as mine is. Earlier in the year it dropped tassels on my roof and filled up the gutters. Grumble, grumble.
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Anonymous said...

I had no idea they had such nasty coverings. I bet you use leather gloves before you get near them. Poor Webster!

Speaking of trees that shed their...bounty. My neighbor planted a Ginkgo tree which she assured me was a male tree. Five years later and it turns out to be female. When the 'fruit' falls (by the hundreds) it smells worse then... well... poo... to the tenth power! Just one of those little balls is enough to make you gag. Now I get to pick all those up. I wear rubber gloves and a clothes pin.