Monday, August 5, 2013

Ziggy and Quacker = Puppy Love

This dachshund's name is Ziggy. The duck is Quacker and there's another one called Quack. They are all fast friends. They play and romp together, eat together and are fast friends. Go here and scroll down a bit until you see numerous photos of their antics. They genuinely love each other. 
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E. Ericasta said...

Oh, Wow it's so amazing to see both together playing <3
Cheers, Heidrun

cardinalkay said...


I have a darling Dachsie, + I could totally see her "rumbling" with a duck pal, just like this!

Sadly, we lost her kitty sister/rough play partner . . .

. . . + ever since, I've longed to somehow get her another !

Who's have thought, though -- a duck!!??

TY for sharing.