Thursday, August 1, 2013

Webster Loves Peanut Butter

I always let Webster lick the empty peanut butter jars and he does a very good job of getting it all. He's exhausted after a day of puppy sitting. We got in a few walks each time the rain subsided enough to go outside without an umbrella. See you tomorrow. Good night all.
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Mama Pea said...

Careful not to sprain your tongue, Webster!

Webster must be a really good dog not to mind the different pups coming into his house for short stays.

tammy j said...

just catching up on your blog.
can't believe I've not visited the cottage for days.
and what a treat I had returning...
rain! and webster! and henry!
not to mention a back garden of yours that's as beautiful as if it were the grounds of downton abbey!!!
well. to me it is.
xoxo have a wonderful friday and weekend.

Karen said...

How cute, my doggies love peanut butter...I'd give them a jar but I would have to give them each one.
Enjoy your weekend.