Friday, August 23, 2013

Pink Hollyhocks Climbing to The Sky

How much do I love this photo? via
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Anonymous said...

Hello, I was drawn into your site by the lovely hollyhock photo. Your site inspired me and lifted my spirits today. I am an avid fan of BBC and the recent show Broadchurch as well. We have had to relocate from our country life on a farm in a vintage stone house to a village. The acclimatizing has been a challenge in our newer home, but eases as time goes by. Thank You for sharing and uplifting and informing visitors to your blog. It was a pleasure to find a kindred spirit. Warmest regards. from Ontario, Canada.

cardinalkay said...

YUM -- I love hollyhocks, too!
We planted some beside our brick garage this spring, but I s'poze they'll not bloom until next year. They're worth the wait, no?

The Paisley Butterfly said...

You share such wonderful photos! I love this...truly stunning :)

And I, too, find this inspiring...