Sunday, August 4, 2013

Earl Grey Bath House, Howick England

Built as a bathing house by Earl Grey at Howick, England just inland from the North Sea. I adore this. via
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Anonymous said...

I could comment every single have the best blog in the world.......
Thank you for taking the time to do this every day!

I have tried......and my blogs are getting fewer and farther between......I am not sure I can continue!

It is such fun; and I love just takes me (maybe not you!) so much time and effort!!!

You have a gift! Don't ever, ever, ever stop!!


I smile when I see the title!


Anonymous said...

Just gorgeous! Can you imagine living there? Sara, Ohio

Ann Louise said...

You had me at the words "Earl Grey" for this beautiful photo—lovely and transporting...

SALLY said...

LOVE LOVE your blog! Thanks!