Saturday, July 6, 2013

Wild Grape Vine Detail

     Photographed here at the cottage one day this week while on a nature walk with Webster. I love the shape, color and intricate design on wild grape leaves and this one is perfect. Stay cool in this heat wave. Ours is supposed to break on Sunday and I cannot wait. I am so tired of having the air conditioning on 24/7. It's okay during the day, but I really miss sleeping with my windows open.
     The big walk-in closet is empty downstairs. I cleaned it top to bottom yesterday and it looks so nice. I took a break for a few days but now I am moved to continue dealing with my mother's ground level dwelling. I have donated most of the clothes and am feeling good about that. She had the best taste in classic dresses and jumpers that never go out of style. I put aside a few of my favorites and I have them airing outside. Don't ask me why but one day I'll know the reason. 
     There was an interesting segment recently on NPR about "The Global Afterlife of Your Donated Clothes". I didn't know that 80% of all donated clothing ends up in the hands of textile recyclers. Anyway, it's better than having them end up in the landfill. Article and podcast here. Read it and weep.
     Have a great weekend and try to keep cool. I'll see you later.
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The Queen Vee said...

I've been doing the same thing Rosemary, cleaning out closets and my garage. I'm trying to downsize and unburden our home and I still have a long ways to go. I've been donating a lot of stuff to Salvation Army and our local hospital charity and giving collectables and flea market finds,I no longer use, to young friends who are trying to accumulate stuff like that. It feels great knowing others can enjoy and benefit from my junk rather than sending it to a dump. I completely understand why you have kept a few favorites from you mum's closet as I have yet to get rid of the little double bed my father made for my mother and himself almost 75 years ago. I know I'll have to part with it someday, just not ready to do that yet even though it's not being used.

Last night at midnight it was 82 degrees outside with 60% humidity...ugh!

Hope your cool nights return soon so that you can turn off the AC, it won't happen here for quite a while.

Karen said...

I am happy to hear you are receiving some comfort and happiness from your work on cleaning out your dear mother's things. When I did the same for my mom, 3 years ago, I found it took me down memory lane and made the task quite enjoyable, if not a little sad.