Sunday, July 21, 2013

What is Your Royal Name?

Fun to play while we wait.

In the future, please refer to me as:
Baronetess Regina Olivia Scarlett Beatrice of Websterchild. via
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Anonymous said...



Karen in CT said...

.. too funny and my results are not so wonderful ... however, I will say that I nabbed a Her Royal Highness title .... woo hoo, and my sister is only a Duchess (finally justice) ... fun

The Queen Vee said...

Your Royal Highness Karen, wow you scored I'm just a Barnonetess like Rosemary. But I've always had a royal first name and it didn't change. May I introduce myself, Baronetess Victoria Ivy Catherine Natassia Frederickchild. Baronetess Websterchild I'm finally guessing, I think the new babe will be a Princess. I have a 50% of being right.

Karen said...

What a fun game...may names aren't great but like Karen, I scored a 'your royal highness' :D

Millie said...

As expected I'm the Queen!! Matilda Alice Rebecca of Lulushire to be exact. Please afford me the appropriate curtsey.
Millie xx