Thursday, July 25, 2013

Super Duper Kitchen Detail

I love the wooden over-mounted counter top with the drainboard ridges on one side. The sink is amazing with the side pocket for the stopper and overflow drain. The wide windowsill that extends all the way to the wall on both sides is a nice feature and the cutout curve for the faucet is an interesting touch. I've always wanted a plate rack in old paint too. The cool weather is still here, it's only 64° at 3:30 pm. Mother Nature is showing off again after trying to melt us last week. There is no happy medium these days, is there? It's broil or shiver. Photo found here.
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Attic Clutter said...

love it!!

Dawna Motz said...

Great little plate holder and i love the chippy blue color!

Sue said...

That shelf under the window is clever and beautiful.
What a great kitchen. I love everything about it!