Saturday, July 20, 2013

Office + Library above + below stairs

This is such a wonderful use for the space under the stairs and the approach to the landing above. Peter Zimmerman Architects Click on the first picture after the link opens and keep clicking for a tour of this wonderful Pennsylvania stone house.
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ladyhawthorne said...

Check out this site for libraries to blow you away.

Anonymous said...

What a beauty, inside and out and down to the placement of walks and door yard garden. Glorious choices of materials, colors, design . . . seems it will stand time for it is a classic which will never fall from style. Albeit, way too much space for us . . . I wish I could rattle about this lovely home for a few days of make believe.

Karen said...

This is a lovely library. I love a good library.

MK said...

Looking at that photo, I did a little mental tap-dance of joy. Filing this away for future reference.