Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Picture Post Card Back Yard

Sorry I haven't been around much lately. I've been so busy outside and with real estate. I mowed the back yesterday and today and it looks fabulous, doesn't it? We are having some nice low humidity weather and I thought I should take advantage of it. I honestly can't believe today is the last day of July. I always try to savor August, the last full month of summer. my photo
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LANA said...

It truly is post-card beautiful and you are blessed to have such a fine piece of real estate, and I know you take such good care of it (with Webster's help, of course).

JudyMac said...

Your yard is absolutely beautiful. I would like to see a picture posted of you on the riding mower. :-) For a change, my neck of the woods is as green as yours this summer. It has actually rained here the better part of the day today. Some of the local grown tomatoes are telling the tale from so much rain--they just don't taste as good as usual. The Farmer's Market is now selling corn from New York. Some of the best corn I've ever eaten came from a late New Jersey crop a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

Wow - it looks so lush and lovely! What a pleasure it must be to take an evening stroll with your pets in the 'park'.

Anonymous said...

Looks lovely. It also rained here all day today. But, I am enjoying the cooler weather. Sara, Ohio

Karen in CT said...

... oh so lovely ... well done, Mrs. Greenthumb

Mama Pea said...

A freshly mowed lawn/yard always looks so lovely. We had a rain-free day today (hooray!) and I'm hoping we get another one tomorrow because then our yard will get mowed! You have to keep busy to get all you do accomplished.

Gail, northern California said...

You are amazing, Rosemary.

I'm a tad envious. We're about an hour from the Pacific Ocean so enjoy very mild temperatures; we can sometimes get very hot days but they don't last long. What we don't get is rain so all our grasses turn brown.
And where we live the water is expensive and in short supply so no irrigation.

You can see why your backyard looks absolutely wonderful to me.

Karen said...

Your yard is so pretty. Wow, that's a lot to mow.
Enjoy your evening.