Friday, July 12, 2013

Low Country Carriage House Restoration at The Ford Plantation

This Lowcountry carriage house at The Ford Plantation echoes the familiar threads of the past. Reminiscent of an old barn that may have graced the site, comfortable guest quarters now occupy what might have been a grain loft. An old threshing floor, where carriages would have passed, now shelters carriages of the modern era. Simple post and beam construction is further suggestive of agrarian roots. via Houzz I posted all of the photos this time.
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Susan said...

Thank you for posting all the photos--it's a beautiful restoration. I love all of it!

cardinalkay said...

You had me at 'low country'.
Kay @

Anonymous said...

I love this house, save the car in the center (although I understand the point). Beautifully understated and well thought out details.

Anonymous said...

nice post, we enjoy browsing into sites via others. much to learn....good work! Sel

Beth said...

Sigh! So beautiful.

Karen said...

I love and have always preferred carriage houses to the mansions on the property.