Thursday, July 4, 2013

Childe Hassam Flags - July 4, 1916

Frederick Childe Hassam
Oil on canvas. 36" x 23.13
Private collection.

Childe Hassam - July 4, 1916

The Fourth of July, 1916. The Greatest Display of the American Flag Ever Seen in New York. This painting was inspired by the climax of the Preparedness Parade in May of that year. It must have been an inspiring sight to behold. Thankfully, we have this world-famous painting to document the historic World War I parade down Fifth Avenue.

Enjoy the Independence Day fireworks tonight. via
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cardinalkay said...

Thanks for posting such a beautiful painting by one of my favorite artists! I enjoyed soaking up his bio online just now -- what a great way to start the day!
Kay @

Sharon Stanley Ruggerio said...

Rosemary and Webster,

Oh, how I wish that you two gentle souls were my neighbors. I would gladly pet sit the sweetest of dogs when you must be away (spoiling him shamelessly). And, I would have you, elegant lady that you are, as a constant inspiration.
A most happy, healthy July 4th to you.

Sharon Stanley Ruggerio
Houston, Texas

The Queen Vee said...

I would love to have seen this sight in person, of course if I had, I would probably be dead now so I'm delighted to view this painting instead.

I love our flag, we have it waving outside our cottage right now.

Happy 4th to you and the kids, W and T. I hope you are invited to a picnic today. I'm taking a fruit platter, fab orzo salad and a sour cream chocolate cake drizzled with chocolate ganache over to Chris's house.

Auntie Bliss said...

Love the art and have never seen it!!
I'd love to know how to add an animated gif to my blog...

Happy 4th!!

Content in a Cottage said...

Auntie Bliss...

It is very easy to add an animated gif to your blog.
Find one you like and copy the image URL from the drop down menu when you right click on an image.

Then you pretend you are adding a regular image on blogger. When that menu comes up you click you are adding from an URL.

Here is the URL for the fireworks I have on my blog today if you want to practice with it.

There might be other ways. I taught myself with this method. Have a nice July 4th.

Good luck...Rosemary

Karen in CT said...

.. What a beautiful post ... I have seen his painting at the National Art Gallery in D.C. but I'm thinking it's not the same one. It is amazing. And the fireworks gif is terrific .. the whole post makes me smile.

Thanks and Happy 4th ... fireworks start soon ..

Betty said...

I enjoy your blog...we are "moved" by the same things I think. Another painting in that series was hanging in the Oval Office when I took a West Wing tour. Just the perfect spot for a perfectly American scene.