Friday, July 26, 2013

Bull Terrier Pup in a Basket

"Take me with you, pretty please with sugar on it."
I have always loved this breed. You see bull terriers often in England but almost never around here. This pup is especially sweet and he's ready for the weekend. via
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Anonymous said...

You can have my share of that breed. I was attacked by one and spent 5 days in the hospital. I was out to dinner at someone's house and had been petting the dog all night. Suddenly it leaped into my face and nearly tore my upper lip off. I bent back and it grabbed my left breast. In defense of that, I raised my arm and it latched on to my forearm. THEN... six weeks later it did the same thing to the owner. Can you imagine,she chose not to have it put down after it attacked me.

Karen said...

I do love the look of this sweet puppy. I'm sorry for Anon's attack. There are some puppies, no matter what breed, that are have mis-wired brains. My friend had a terrier and the puppy was from a very small, in-house breeder. But it had to be put down after biting my friend more than once.

Anonymous said...

Hello Rosemary,
I wonder if the person who left the comment about being attacked is mistaking the bull terrier for a pit bull? Not usual bull terrier behaviour.
Anyway, just wanted to ask if you have ever seen a miniature bull terrier? Now that is cute!!! They are not a tiny wee dog just the perfect size. Super cute. One of my favourite breeds of dogs.

Judith Peacock

Anonymous said...

My favourite breed. Our family had one when our boys were growing up, and he was a wonderful pet. He brought us so much pleasure and we were all heartbroken when he died. He was so loving and comical. The miniatures are very attractive, but still have some problems to be ironed out. Health issues, not behaviour. Adore the photo.