Thursday, June 6, 2013

Kitchen with Courtyard

This photo reminds me that I never did buy any herb plants to go outside my kitchen door. I guess I'll wait until after the big rain coming thanks to the aftermath of Hurricane Andrea. I hope it won't be as bad as the weather people are predicting. They delight in scaring me. I'm so glad I killed myself the past two days getting ready, cutting my grass nice and tight. I love a kitchen that opens to the outside and this looks like a great one. via
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Karen said...

What a pretty kitchen and a very nice view of the outdoors. Hope your rain storm is mild.

helene said...

I live just a bit north of you in Connecticut. I just finished mowing my backyard with a reel mower and thought of you. Now we are both ready, come what may!

Content in a Cottage said...


It's raining softly now. I love my reel mower. It's a good workout and I can mow whenever I want and not disturb the early on a Sunday morning.

xo, Rosemary