Friday, June 28, 2013

Google Reader is Going Away on Monday, July 1st.

Google Reader is shutting down on Monday. I have no idea why. I have almost 2300 people who follow me via RSS feeds and they will all be out in the cold next week unless they transfer their subscription to my blog to another reader. 

Bloglovin' is a great site that will transfer them automatically but you must hurry while Google Reader is still active. I found a site that shows you how with pictures and text written by a 2nd Grade Teacher. I told you it was going to be easy, didn't I?

I am also putting each of my daily posts on Pinterest so you can always find me there.
Here is a tutorial on how to transfer your feeds to FEEDLY, another great site.
This is another site that resembles the Original Google Reader that readers are liking.

Good luck. 
xo, Rosemary
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Barb_in_GA said...

I've transferred everything over to "The Old Reader". Clean interface, nice features.

Anonymous said...

Thanks or the reminder
I tryed several ones, but Bloglovin' seems the best to me
Feedly is ok
Then there is the old reader, is a lot of work to get all your blogs there, but it looks allmost the same as Google Reader

But, i still follow you!!

Content in a Cottage said...

Manion and Barb in Georgia...

Thanks. I have not heard of The Old Reader. I'll take a look at it. There are a lot of choices for new RSS Readers--you just have to find one you really like.

xo, Rosemary