Saturday, June 8, 2013

English House with Wattle Fence and Handmade Gate

This looks so nice in the morning mist. I have always wanted a woven wattle fence. via
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Karen said...

I've always wanted a wattle fence or even a border. It's very expensive when I've found it for sale. I wish I could make my own.

Anonymous said...

Karen & Rosemary, you CAN make your own wattle fence. I just constructed a tiny sample one with young historic interpreters at Gunston Hall. We used wisteria and Virginia creeper vines. Having no luck in finding willow (free source, that is), we we turned to the available wisteria and Virginia creeper vines believing that using the materials a hand is appropriate for this type of fence.

Anonymous said...

I, too, love the look of a wattle fence. I became interested in them when I was fishing about for a cheap privacy fence. I wanted to balance the privacy fence on top of a mundane looking chain link fence that encloses the backyard (you'd have to see it to understand my goal). I ended up buying two metal trellises from Aldi and harvesting Rose of Sharon branches to weave in and out of the trellises. Not quite the romantic look of this fence, but it wasn't bad. It added some interesting texture and it was cheap (unlike the real thing, yes). The RoS only lasted a year and it seemed too much trouble to try again. It's a shame wattle fences are not used more frequently. They are a handsome balance between nature and man's desire for structure and symmetry.

Anonymous said...

Karen, you can make your own. There's a DIY tutorial for absolutely everything on the internets. But, it takes the right kind of wood. In the end, I'll bet you would appreciate why they're so expensive. Sigh.