Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dragonfly on My Front Walk

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He is still out there basking in the hot sun. The photo straight out of my Nikon was very boring against the bluestone background so I played around with the saturation and a few other things and got this. We don't have any cicadas but I can hear them singing faintly in towns nearby. When you drive through those towns, the sound is very loud. This lone alien dragonfly suits me just fine.
I took my best dragonfly photo back in 2009. Click here to see it.
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tammy j said...

i love dragonflies.
when i would spray a fine mist on my trees after filling the bird baths... they would appear out of no where! there might be as many as five or six at a time. they would swoop and fly through the mist... drinking while in the air i guess... or merely cooling off in the 100 degree heat!
such beautiful little creatures.

MrsB said...