Friday, May 10, 2013

Tin Tub Pool

How to have a pool when you can't have a pool. This is wonderful. I'd love to have one in my back yard on a hot summer spring day. Anytime the thermometer get past 80° it's already too hot for me. The mercury is getting very close at 77° right now. via 


tammy j said...

in theory that looks wonderful!
and such an inexpensive answer to coolness.
but in reality here... it would soon turn into a 'stewing pot' with all that metal out in the blazing sun ~ no shade ~ and temps as high as 103 to 106! aggghhhh.
burns on the back of the neck on that metal edge.
but i do like it i must say.
and i'm like you. the heat really gets to me now.

Deb said...

New follower here from Ontario. Your blog does keep one interested and I am off to look at more. Great photos. Deb

Sue said...

Now that looks like fun.
I have a small stock tank and my grandson spent HOURS playing in it last year. I was so jealous that I couldn't "fit" into it and join him!

We're struggling to hit the mid 40's today. I'd love to have some of that warmth. They're even calling for snow tomorrow night. I'll be a lady and won't say what I think of that-LOL!

Anonymous said...

WOW! What a grandiose idea! I think we all need one! Enjoying the pictures of your place and all the work you do to keep it beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend. Cathy in Idaho

Anonymous said...


I adore that pool!! Or whateveryoucallit!!~

LOVE! It looks like it might be in Palm Springs!

I love all of your posts!


Karen in CT said...

I'm with you. One degree over 80 is too hot and the air conditioning becomes lovely. Yesterday was on the edge. I think this is a water hole for cattle, as memory serves me. I grew up in the great midwest.

Weekend cheers ..

Karen in CT

jean said...

What a great idea! I love this. My dog Shadow, who loves the water, would LOVE this pool.