Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Many Views of Selling A House

This is how the seller sees the house.

This is how the potential buyer see the house.

This is how the lender sees the house.

This is how the appraiser sees the house.

This is how the county tax assessor sees the house.

What the buyers are thinking.
I wish there were a picture showing how hard the realtor has to work to get it sold.


tammy j said...

that is good!
i live 8 miles from the destruction of houses by the tornado. someone found an 'open house' sign and stuck it in front of what was left of their home.
laughter mixed with tears and humor and courage.
much of what is needed when you sell your home! i don't see how anybody could sell today without a realtor! too complicated by far.

Content in a Cottage said...

Oh Tammy, that's too close for comfort. I can't believe what I'm seeing on the news.

xo, Rosemary

jean said...

How very interesting but, so true! We have sold houses with realtors and I know how hard you all work to sell our homes for us. Over here in Grenada, we do the work ourselves and still have to pay a commission to the realtor just for bringing someone to look. It's a whole different system here. Makes me appreciate the US realty system.

Content in a Cottage said...


It's hard, but rewarding. I'd like to try your system for a while :)


Karen in CT said...

.. this is quite funny .. cheers

Content in a Cottage said...


Glad it made you smile.

Have a great long holiday weekend.

xo, Rosemary

Alyssa Pierson said...

We bought our house last year and our realtor worked incredibly hard. Her work definitely didn't go unnoticed and I'm sure yours doesn't either!

Content in a Cottage said...


My customers are always pleased with my efforts.

Much happiness in your new home.

Anonymous said...

wonderful post! All so true!

All of our hearts go out to you people in Oklahoma.....Dear Lord!

thank God for the children and pets that were saved by teachers and owners.

Every place has its "disasters"; we have fires and earthquakes around here.

Hurricanes are way more scary to me......

Our hearts are with them!!


Anonymous said...

"Hurricanes are way more scary to me......"

We in hurricane country get a lot of warning, something that Oklahoma had none of. Every year I fret as the days close in on the beginning of our hurricane season, and here it is upon us: June 1 [through November!]. I live in paradise on the coast of North Florida, paying paradise's annual price. Receiving much less press than the eye of the hurricane is the devastation wrought by the outer bands of the system itself. Sigh.

But back to the above photos of the home buying process, spectacular! Rosemary, you've GOT to find a photo of "what the realtor is thinking" to complete this series! It's out there somewhere...