Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Handsome Rooster

He is gorgeous. I love to hear the crowing of a rooster in the distance. I recently met the one I can hear from my cottage. He's black and white. I've been eating fresh eggs for a week today. via


Sharon Hermens said...

We have a cottage west of here (150 mi) out in the country. We go quite often to get out of the busy hustle and bustle of Arlington (TX). My daughter's field and ours are adjoined. She just got some new chicks. Her in laws live across the road for us. They have 33 acres. They have lots of chickens and guineas as well as other farm animals. When ever we are there we get eggs from them.
We enjoy the stillness and quietness that it has to hold.
I really enjoy your blog. Thank you.

Dawna Motz said...

Love this handsome dude!! We have a rooster across the road from our place and I do like to hear him cockadoodledooing!! Great photo, thanks for sharing it!

Karen said...

He's absolutely beautiful. That would be a pretty picture framed.

tammy j said...

he is absolutely gorgeous.
and he absolutely knows it!!!
i love the sound they call too.
a lovely way to awaken.