Monday, May 6, 2013

Does your Cat have a Bunny Buddy?

Apparently, this is a trend. Tabitha hasn't heard about it yet and I'm not going to tell her. Click HERE to see more cat/bunny best friends. They show genuine love for one another, so get ready for your face to break out in a big smile.


Bonnie said...

Oh I love the very last one. Thanks for sharing! I adore bunnies.

tammy j said...

oh! just love those lovies!! talk about soft.
have you seen the new youtube sensation for shelter pets?
this one is clyde. he's a dog who wants a kitty. it's not tampered with. the guy lip sinc's to the dog's actual movements. it's fantastic.
just google and type in dog wants a kitty on you tube. there've been over 6 million hits. so it goes right to it. you have to x out a little pop up ad once. other than that ... enjoy!

jean said...

Ah, if only people could get along so fine! I'd like to have a cat and bunny.