Saturday, May 25, 2013

1902 Bookplate Ex Libris Robert Hall

Bookplate, 1902. Robert Hall, an avid collector of Kemscott Press books. via

On the library table are Kelmscott works, including William Morris’s The Glittering Plain and his 1895 translation of Beowulf. All the books are clearly bound in the distinctive Kelmscott full limp vellum tied with silk ribbons. The Wood Beyond the World is open to show a Morris-designed woodcut border and frontispiece. Leaning against the bookcase is a copy of the 1896 edition of Chaucer. Click here to see this wonderful bookplate enlarged.

Have a great long weekend. I'm anxiously awaiting the next episode of Orphan Black on BBC America. I missed the first 6 episodes and had to watch them online. When I was up to date I began watching on Saturday nights at 9pm. This will be my third week of watching on the TV set. It is really GOOD. It has been renewed for a second season too. Will you be watching?


tammy j said...

i absolutely love that bookplate.
the library and view from the window. enchanting.
and thanks for the tip on orphan black. i've entirely missed it so will have to check it out and catch up on it the way you did.
thanks again!

Content in a Cottage said...

tammy j...

I love that library too. All those books and the spectacular view.

If you get BBC America on your cable, you can watch the back episodes of Orphan Black "on demand"
You will definitely like it. I loved last night's episode.

Happy long weekend.

xo, Rosemary