Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Teleport Me to Broadway [England]

Broadway Tower, Worcestershire, England in the heart of the Cotswolds. I love the dark sky in the background and the sunny foreground with grazing sheep. Could anything be lovelier? via


Mama Pea said...

Even though I have never cared for damp, wet weather, thoughts of England, Scotland and Wales have always been extremely enticing to me. I swoon over pictures of same.

Mary Anne Komar said...

One of our favorite places that we stayed in was Tudor Cottage right in the village. They were so sweet to us and even learned our name, well we did stay there several times while my husband worked at the Intel factory in Ireland. We even had a non-frightening experience with the resident ghostie! We left our key in our bedroom, left door unlocked, had breakfast and found our bedroom door locked! Well we had to get the owner and unlock it for us. He said that happens every so often! Broadway and that area are so beautiful! Thanks for the reminder, Mary Anne