Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Views thru My iPhone Lens

Today was a lovely day and I went to a realtor open house that had a fabulous view. Snapped with my iPhone.

When I got to the bottom of the steep hill where the house was located, I took a closer view of the barn with a blue roof. Spring has arrived in New Jersey!


Barb_in_GA said...

Ah, New Jersey. I do miss this. Thank you!

tammy j said...

how bucolic! what an ugly word for beauty. LOL. but that's what struck me about it. almost timeless.
and man do you take great pictures with a telephone! LOL. wow.
we're expecting freezing rain by midnight. hail. 70 mph wind. and a tornado possible.
good grief charlie brown.

Karen said...

Such a pretty view. It's so calming. I'm happy you're having nice weather.

Kate said...

Now I want to move there!!!!!!