Friday, April 12, 2013

Cottage with Roses

We are having some much-needed rain at my cottage. The two days of warm weather earlier in the week were just a tease. It will be in the 40s all day. I need to catch up on indoor chores so I am happy for a wet, cloudy day with rain drops on my window panes. See you later. image source


Anonymous said...

I welcome the rain and the cool temp, too. The inside of your house will be happy to have you back. May it be a great day no matter what you do or do not tackle.

Mama Pea said...

Here in northern Minnesota we are getting rain, too, except it's in the form of SNOW! We have about 3" and it's still coming down. In our forty years here we don't ever remember getting so much snow in April!

NanaDiana said...

Makes one yearn for "the old days", doesn't it? xo Diana
ps. Do you know you have double word verification on and it is very hard to see? If you want to take it off,let me know and I will shoot you the instructions.

Karen said...

We haven't had rain but Mother Nature sure tempts us with spring, only to have it snatched away again.
Enjoy your day, I love a day when I'm forced to be indoors and have energy to clean and organize.