Monday, April 1, 2013

Beautiful Wildflowers for April

This beautiful wildflower looks like columbine to me. Mother Nature certainly picked a lovely spot to plant the seeds, didn't she. No floral arranger could match this arrangement. Hello April. Today is Webster's 11th birthday. He has already had several dog biscuits with peanut butter spread on them for his special day. We had rain overnight and will have more today so the April showers are right on schedule. See you later. via
Correction....these flowers are Oxalis acetosella, submitted by a reader (Cathy in Idaho). Thanks, Cathy.


jean said...

It's a lovely woodsy photo. Lovely flowers. Happy Birthday to sweet Webster and may he have many more.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Webster! I think a steak would be in order for supper!

JudyMac said...

Happy Birthday to Webster! May he live a long and happy life. My kitty, Chaucer, turns 19 tomorrow. We refer to him as the Old Man, but by golly, he's still hanging in there--even with all his infirmaties.

Anonymous said...

Delightful, delicate plant though not columbine, possibly Sharp-Lobed Hepatica? Not positive.

MoiCLouLou said...

Beautiful picture, love these pinkish flowers!

Rummuser said...

Hi, I come via the Peanut who has written glorious post about you. I like what I see here and have subscribed to get your posts by email. I hope to leave comments where I can that you will enjoy and respond to. I will be delighted if you could reciprocate at my blog.

Rummuser aka Rummy aka Ramana

Mama Pea said...

I think your lovely flowers may be anemones.

Happy Birthday to Webster! May he have many, man more.

Gail, in northern California said...

Throwing my hat in the ring with yet another guess for the name of your flowers. Could they be oxalis? Whatever it is, it's absolutely gorgeous.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Webster. You're a luv. I'll bet you got to lick the oatmeal pot this morning too.

Anonymous said...

I think it is a shamrock ~ oxalis acetosella
Happy Birthday to Webster! Did you have a party!?!?
And thanks so very much for posting the pictures of your lovely Mother, so special and so much harder since she lived right there! I have peace about my Mother also but will always miss her! Joy to you from the hills of Idaho, Cathy

Anonymous said...

P.S. oh, forgot to include the website with a picture
Cathy in Idaho

Juniper said...

BEAUTIFUL photos!!! :) I love spring!

tammy j said...

happy birthday darling webster!
and huge big bear hugs to you!
i'm reading backwards from the top rosemary. i've loved EVERY post!
and literally made myself not comment on each one.
give Webster a bear hug for my belated birthday greeting to him.
tell him it's from tam.
he'll know!

Kelly Green said...

Lovely pics. Wood sorrel, perhaps?