Sunday, March 10, 2013

Two Otters Trained To Recycle Bottles

Two female North American River Otters at the Seneca Park Zoo in Rochester, New York - trained by zookeeper Catina Wright - take empty bottles and place them into recycling bins.
Picture: Annette Lein/AP


Karen said...

I've always loved otters. They are so sweet faced. Wish I could train my doggies to throw things in the recycle bin. :D

tammy j said...

I LOVE this. because I love otters.
especially environmentally conscious otters.

Snowbird said...


Anonymous said...

To cute! But I thought it was a gif and waited for it to take the cap off and have a drink! C:
Springtime is in the air! Blessings from Cathy in Idaho

Jeffrey Helfrich said...

If you have trouble training the "otters" in your house to recycle, check out the solution my wife and I came up with. It makes it easy to recycle in any room. Thanks for checking it out and happy recycling!