Monday, March 11, 2013

Incense Burner

I found this cute little clay teepee incense burner hiding in a drawer the other day and fired it up. It cleared the air for other smells. The cubes that came with it were supposed to smell like cinnamon but they just smelled like smoke to me. [my photo]


friendandfaux said...

Smoke would be better than old dusty patchouli.....but then again I suppose I was never fond of patchouli even when it was young.

tammy j said...

I have a dear little adobe house incense burner. the marine's son and wife gave it to me when we were in Albuquerque...
along with some pinon pine sticks.
I seldom can handle anything like incense or candles . . . especially 'sweet and flowery' but the pinon pin is lovely. doesn't stop up my head!