Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dog in A Wheelbarrow

I'm posting this photo because it gave me such a good idea. I have a big contractor's wheelbarrow in the garage and the body is hideous orange plastic. I rarely use it and keep it hidden. The first nice day, I'm going to fill it up with warm water and give Webster a bath in it. One of my outside hose connections has hot and cold running water. He's pretty stinky at the moment and he will love it. via


tammy j said...

I love this picture.
a sweet puppy face if there ever was one. hope we get to see the Webster puppy's bath face!
we so love him... stinky and all!

Anonymous said...

If you do that, please take a picture!

Ann said...


I rarely comment on the blogs I read, but I've been following yours for awhile now and I just wanted to let you know I appreciate it. I like that it's the same time daily, that the photos are charming and your text is pithy except when there's something that needs saying.



Anonymous said...

This dog looks a lot like our Josie. Oh, how I wish we had an outdoor faucet with hot as well as cold water. Josie's beauty parlor appointments take place in Bob's shower where there there is a hand held shower head. Works great. And, actually, the entire little bathroom gets a shampoo after all the shaking and excitement has ended. We girls surely do enjoy a good shampoo.