Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Can You Smell the Lilacs?

Lilacs are my favorite flowering shrub. Can you smell that delightful fragrance in your mind? This is an especially lovely arrangement. via


Barb_in_GA said...

How lovely! Lilacs are one of the many things I miss about living in NJ.

Recycled Cottage & Garden said...

Lilacs are my favorite as well and sadly they won't grow in Texas. Our backyard in MI was nearly surrounded with lilacs and every spring it was heaven.
The last lilacs I had were 12 years ago when O co worker brought me back a bouquet from her trip home to Indiana.

Anonymous said...

Many moons ago,I went to Wellesley College, and my dorm was completely hedged in by lilac bushes. The fragrance during their brief bloom was intoxicating. They remain a favorite of mine, too.

Karen said...

I wish lilacs would grow in Southern California. I once visited Masseshusets and the lilacs grew like weeds. Great small.

tammy j said...

this takes me back to the glorious lilac bushes my grandmother had in upstate new york.
wonderful memories.
in my part of the country now we have 'persian' lilacs. they're smaller. and a tiny bit more acclimated to our climate. still hard for them though.
but they are precious to us to see when they do survive!

The Queen Vee said...

I'm absolutely smitten with all spring flowers. it's difficult to pick a favorite but Lilac blooms are in the top three. They don't do well where I live now but thrived in my birth state of Utah. My most memorable Lilac experience was in the spring of 1967 when I took the American military duty train out of West Berlin to Frankfurt, West Germany. As the train went through East Germany the only spot of color outside the train window was the abundance of blooming lilac bushes against the gray brown of the rest of the scenery. I can still see the stunning contrast in my minds eye.

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