Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Another Snow Day Today

"I thought you said Spring was tomorrow," Webster grumbled. We got about 3 inches of this white stuff topped by some sleet. Our little French bulldog house guest wants no part of putting his paws in it so I'm letting him sleep in. I'm not looking forward to going outside either but I must later. Do you think the groundhog was wrong this year?


CraveCute said...

Oh yes, I think the groundhog was very wrong this year. It looks the same here in Minnesota, lots of snow and spring nowhere in sight!

Mama Pea said...

Northeasten Minnesota reporting in. We got about 4" of snow yesterday with high winds starting during the night. Now we have 2' drifts the consistency of packed concrete to shovel through today. But we're used to it and don't expect spring until May! 'Twill be a cozy day inside . . . once outside chores are done.

tammy j said...

i know you just got to be sick of it. but it's still so beautiful.
at least to those of us who haven't had it! too bad it can't be spread around more and not all dumped on you!

Stefka R. said...

I love the snow. Very beautiful picture


Tara Dillard said...

No, I'm not tough enough to live where you do.

Atlanta is ridiculous. I grew up on Galveston Bay !

Your weather? No. Piggie is right.


The Queen Vee said...

Well tomorrow ,which starts in a half hour, is the first day of spring. I say, "Snow be gone!" To be honest I don't recall hearing, seeing or knowing what the groundhog observed this year but my impression is, he was wrong. We had temps in the 50s today but now it's 27 degrees outside. We're having a crazy March, hang in their dear ones in the Cottage, I'm sure warmer days are on the way.