Sunday, February 3, 2013

Winter Snowscape

I woke up to an inch or so of snow this morning. Tabitha didn't want to put her paws in it so I had to literally throw her out. Webster always wants to go out no matter what the weather. He woke me this morning with loud barking. When I looked out the window I saw the fox in the way back hunting for food. Everybody's back inside and we are looking forward to a lazy Sunday morning after a very busy Saturday. Enjoy yours too. xo


Gail, in northern California said...

If that's what it takes to keep you inside for a little rest and relaxation, I'm glad. Cherish these have months of mowing ahead of you! Ha-ha-ha!

tammy j said...

gail is right!
hadn't thought of that.
where are your socks! where is that cosy fire!
go girl. relax!

Martha said...

Downton Abby wins over the Super Bowl. It is a done deal for Baltimore at this point. I also think Beoyonce is nothing more than a modern day porn star. God help us and I am not a prude just an aging Boomer:(

Garden, Home and Party said...

Hi Rosemary,
We had 70+ temps this weekend. I enjoyed the weather and worked in the garden but I confess, in my heart, I'm not ready for spring just yet.
Downton Abbey was very good, I love the dowager and her helpful meddling!