Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pictorial Recipe for Corn Muffins w/ Cheddar Cheese

Recipe requested by JudyMac.

A real southerner would NEVER put sugar in cornbread! I used soymilk. Each muffin had 1/4 slice cheese pieces broken up and inserted randomly. I buy these wonderful thick slices at Costco. Nothing is easier to make from scratch than cornbread but I always use this Indian Head mix (family owned and operated since 1913). It is very inexpensive, something like $1.29 for a whole bag. I used olive oil--added to the batter. I sprayed the muffin cups with grapeseed spray oil because it is tasteless and can stand high heat. You can make a pan of cornbread and use 2 slices of cheese.


JudyMac said...

Thanks ever so much, Rosemary! You're right--a Southerner would never put sugar in cornbread. My grandfather ran a corn mill and my grandmother had hot cornbread or biscuits on the table at every meal. Mom could take a bite of anyone's cornbread and tell whether or not there was sugar in it. I love most everything Ina Garten prepares on her show, but I always chuckle when I see the load of sugar she adds to her cornbread batter. May not have access to the Indian Head corn meal mix, but will certainly use your tips for cheese and pan prep. Thanks again!

tammy j said...

LOL! you brought back one of my favorite family memories.
my mother was a young bride from new England. my father was a Texan.
never the twain shall meet over cornbread.
she wanted to surprise him by cooking pinto beans. that . . . she did very well. then she served him her cornbread. (with sugar in it).
"that is not cornbread. I don't know what it is but it's not cornbread. I don't eat cake with beans." ... or something to that effect. I HOPE he was more tactful than that. but that's how the story goes. they laughed much about it later of course. theirs was a great marriage. and she always left the sugar OUT of the cornbread.

Content in a Cottage said...


I'm sure you couldn't even taste one tablespoon of sugar in 9 muffins, so what's the point? Sugar is getting a bad rap lately too. There is way too much hidden sugar in processed foods so why add even a small amount in something made at home. The key is never to add it if it is "optional" in a recipe.

Hot cornbread or biscuits on the table at every meal sounds wonderful to me. I'm especially fond of biscuits and I'm sure your grandmother's were delicious.

xo, Rosemary

Content in a Cottage said...

Tam....your father was correct. Sugar in corn muffins turns them into cupcakes. :-)