Thursday, February 21, 2013

Good Night. Sleep Tight.

Charles Bridge. Prague, the Czech Republic. Beautiful photo. via


Linda said...

Beautiful photo!

jean said...

Wow. Wow. Now, that's a picture I could hang on my wall and look at all day long. Breathtaking.

tammy j said...

that picture almost breathes.
you can hear it can't you.
there is that hollow quiet night sound.
simply beautiful.

Karen said...

This looks like a scene from a mystery movie. So pretty.
Happy Friday!

Cheri said...

I had the privilege of walking on this bridge 18 years ago. It is gorgeous, the individual statues are beautiful.

I felt as though I was in another world. Mysterious, enchanting, ageless.

I would love to go back. One of the funny moments of the trip was walking past first a string quartet playing Mozart and then a guitarist playing "Proud Mary" and singing in English with a decidedly Czech accent.