Thursday, February 28, 2013

Elephant Face Off

Awesome photo. These elders don't look at all angry, but friendly. Elephants are such magnificent animals and because of their ivory tusks their numbers are diminishing in Africa at an alarming rate. All because of the huge demand for ivory in China. via


tammy j said...

these wondrous creatures are more human than we are ourselves.
how sad that china cannot value anything but MONEY. we are bad enough in that respect. but we at least have finally come to realize the sheer idiocy of slaughtering these beautiful animals for something like ivory.
they also torture sunbears in trying to get their bile as an
aphrodisiac of all things.
sorry. I know your blog is not that kind of forum.
it just gets me so outraged.
feel free to delete me!

Hayley said...

Hi there, I often end up on your blog looking at random things online!!! I think we like a lot of the same things!!!! Its a lovely blog xx