Monday, February 11, 2013

Bird in Bad Weather

It is very sloppy outside today. It is drizzling rain on top of the snow. This photo reminds me that I must pick up some bird seed after my dental appointment this morning. via


Karen in CT said...

... I put down seed on the packed snow yesterday .. nobody ate, I don't understand? Good for you, they have trouble finding food when snow is covering everything. Love the photo, pinned it.

Karen in CT

Garden, Home and Party said...

The little bird looks as though he's hoping you will stop by for his lunch this morning.

Anonymous said...

Rosemary, ]
He's (she's) a beauty. Waiting until tonight to watch Downton. Can't wait! Sara, Ohio

Anonymous said...

computer crashed again big time. bought a new one over the weekend. have just now caught up with content in a cottage!
loved every post. but then I say that every time don't I. well. truth is truth!
so glad you didn't lose power and your snow and icicles are melting.
tammy j

Anonymous said...

What type bird is that? I've tried to find him for identification but without any luck. PattiO

Content in a Cottage said...


I wish I knew the name of this beautiful. I've tried to find out with no luck.


Lorraine said...

It's a European Goldfinch. I only know from pictures my blogging friend in Ireland posts of them at her feeder. They are beautiful.